Accurate Firearms Training

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

safety class graduates holding shot-grouping target
  • What is the age requirement to obtain a LTC?

    You have to be 18 years old

  • Can I bring my own firearm?

    Yes, as long as it is clean, and in good working condition. You can bring them unloaded and in a case or pouch, but they need to be left in your locked vehicle until it is time to shoot at the range.

  • Is there a store on sight where I can purchase ammunition, and/or rent a firearm?

    Yes, there are rentals available for 380 's, 9mm and .40 caliber guns plus cost of Ammo.

  • What else will I need?

    You will need eye and ear protection. You will probably prefer your own, but they are available at the gun store on location. It is suggested that you dress appropriate to prevent hot brass from catching in your shirt or blouse. Sandals are not recommended.

  • Is there a test?

    Yes, there is a 25 question test consisting of true/false and multiple choice questions that is given after the test review. Also you are required to pass a shooting proficiency test taken on the range. By simply following instructions, and acting in a responsible manner, you will be able to qualify with a minimum score of 175.

  • Can I get a discount if I bring a friend?

    Yes, bring a friend or relative and both will receive a 10% discount.

  • Where is the facility located? Do I have to travel from the classroom to a range?

    Classroom Instruction is held in the Wylie area and the range is located one mile west of the intersection of Hwy 78 and County Road 489 in Nevada, Texas.

  • How do I register for any of these courses?

    Go to the tab "Sign Up Here" to register. You may phone me at (469) 396-7669 or email me at

  • How do I apply for a Texas License to Carry?

  • What happens after the "BANG?"

    Protect yourself with Texas Law Shield! Contact me for more information.